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Tech Doctors is a team of Apple certified technicians that have been servicing the greater Santa Barbara area since 2014. We pride ourselves in our commitment to provide premium technical support and advising. We’re dedicated to serving as your one-stop concierge IT service, specializing in all home and small business systems, networks, and other electronics.

Certified Macintosh Technicians

Fast Response Time

We’ll schedule a technician to fix the issue over the phone, remotely or with an onsite visit within the next 24 hours.

Real Communication

We speak in plain English, not technobabble. We strive to explain everything in a way you'll understand, answering any questions you may have.

Fixed Right the
First Time

Downtime costs you money. We take the time to thoroughly address the issue the first time it occurs.

Trust & Accountability

Anybody can talk a good game, but trust is built over time. Knowing the people you work with. We live, work, and play and in the neighborhoods we serve.


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Computer Repair

We work with all makes and models of computers. Whether you’re running Macintosh, Windows, a flavor of Linux, or a proprietary business system, we handle all hardware and software issues your system may be experiencing. We also test all peripheral hardware carefully to avoid misdiagnosing issues.

Concierge Service

Ever thought "Can't I get someone to handle this for me?" Tell us what you want; we've got you covered! Things like going to the Apple store, ordering or returning equipment, pickups and drop-offs. Even dealing with your phone, internet or email providers.    

Virus Removal

The security of your data is our top priority. We will secure and disinfect your computer while minimizing the loss of your valuable information. We will also work to proactively prevent the installation of unwanted software in the future.


Design, maintain, build and troubleshoot home and business networks. From untangling the mess of wires or setting up a modem or wifi at home to building a network infrastructure.


We take pride in our standards for technical troubleshooting. Our goal is to isolate the issue quickly, and resolve it with as little damage as possible to any of the software or files on your device. We know that starting over from scratch is not only a hassle, and could be devastating to your productivity.


The only thing we find more satisfying than resolving an annoying issue is helping you master the technology that suits your lifestyle. Whether you’ve been using your computer for years or just purchased one for the first time, we would love to help you increase your productivity by teaching useful tips and tricks to improve your workflow.

Data Recovery

Whether your computer has begun acting erratically, stopped working altogether, or you’ve simply made the honest mistake of deleting something you still needed, we have the tools to retrieve information from failing hard drives, SSDs and small electronics such as cell phones, memory cards, flash drives, and digital cameras.

Liquid Damage Repair

Nothing is worse than that split second when a perfectly good device fizzles to its demise. Luckily, there is still hope! If the issue is addressed quickly enough, we can often avoid damage altogether, or  minimize the cost by repairing damage at the component level.

Nicolas W.

5 Star Review

I can manage my computer fairly well and use most of its functions without help but these guys know their stuff like the back of their hands. For weeks, I spent countless hours trying to diagnose and solve an issue I was having on my laptop. The Internet was giving me all the advice in the world but still, no luck. I was losing motivation and was giving up. I thought I was going to have to buy a new computer. I asked Facebook friends for help and one forwarded me the Tech Doctors info. I emailed and called Tech Doctors hoping they could help me out that week. I received a phone call an hour later and they fixed the problem that day! You guys rock! I can't thank these guys enough.


Melanie M.

5 Star Review

Tech doctors have come to my rescue more than once. They were a massive help in integrating a brand new, wireless restaurant pos (point of sale) system into an existing, very old infrastructure. They successfully installed the new software and connected all iPads and wireless networks across 3 floors and a large outdoor dining area, (where others had failed before). They were also always available for trouble-shooting and follow up.
I subsequently mentioned that my MacBook Pro (that I love) was becoming frustrating to use because it was so slow (rainbow spinning wheel all the time). They recommended I replace the hard drive with a solid state drive. They came to me to switch it (and transfer all of my data), and now my 7-year old computer runs like it's brand new! I highly recommend them, for small and big Mac projects.

Karen O.

5 Star Review

Paul came to the rescue in the middle of midterms when my son clicked on a fake Adobe update popup. My son's new MacBook Air was disabled from the malware. The screen was covered in random text and my son couldn't log on or do anything. Paul came promptly, worked quickly and got everything back up and running. He also suggested ways to prevent this from happening again. I am so grateful and reassured to know that there is someone like TechDoctors who can fix these problems in a fast, hassle-free manner that doesn't take at least a week like the Apple Store.

Contact Us:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (805)698-1450
Mail: 511 E. Gutierrez St. Ste.A
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

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